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These spinner bait lures are suitable for Australian freshwater fishing – for yellow belly, trout, redfin, etc.

Can be Custom Made to your specifications. 

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Single Big Spinnerbaits

1/4 and 3/8 Spinnerbaits

Custom Made Lures

1/4 and 3/8oz Spinnerbait

These lures were originally designed for Wimmera river yellas with their smaller profile, that has expanded from the Wimmera with them catching fish all over Australia. With these lures having their small profile, they still can hold up to Australia’s biggest native with many Murray Cod caught on them – and even holding up to a 101cm Cod, but still have a small profile that have caught smaller fish such as Redfin and even Silver Perch.


These chatterbaits were designed for targeting Murray Cod and Golden Perch in rivers and impoundments. These lures have had great success with a many of great fish produced on these lures. We have done this by having huge blade on the front that creates a lot of disturbance in the water making aggressive and non aggressive fish have to attack. A sure thing that everybody should have in their tackle box.

Single Big Spinnerbait

These lures have been great for catching both Golden Perch and Murray Cod, by them having a big profile to get the cod interested and still small enough to catch golden perch. Like all spinnerbaits they are great around snags helping you to fish among deep timber. These lures are made out of the finest components that includes owner hooks and premium blades.

Twin Spin

These lures were made to target our biggest freshwater native the Murray Cod, with extra heavy components and huge blade to assure that they hold up to the toughest Aussie natives. We achieved this by using a extra thick main wire and only the sharpest and strongest hooks on the market, Owner hooks. With their two large arms, with two big blades to show a big profile and put heaps of vibration in the water, they are sure to bring the Murray Cod out of their snags.

Custom Made Lures – Our Speciality

We are happy to design and create custom made fishing lures for a particular purpose.

Just click here to fill in your requirements, and we’ll get back to you with a Quote and  go from there..

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